Travel Clinics: The Top Three Reasons to Visit One

Travel Clinics offer expert advice and treatment specifically designed to your personal travel itinerary. Visiting one before a trip overseas is highly recommended and in some cases, as with yellow fever vaccines, required. Although big cities are chock full of medical facilities, visiting a travel clinic makes the most sense because of their expertise and knowledge. This seems pretty obvious: if you want a salad, you don’t visit McDonalds. Therefore, if one is looking for specific medical advice regarding the dangers one may encounter when traveling overseas, one does not visit a general practitioner.

The following are the top three reasons why visiting a travel clinic makes the most sense:

The Common Sense Approach
Travel Clinics will alert their patients to all manner of things that can make them sick during a trip. Let’s face it, when one is jetting off to a foreign locale one tends to have fun and/or sun on their mind. The vaccination center will load you up on basic knowledge that will help keep you healthy. Expect to receive information on a variety of things that can make you sick while overseas. Water & food awareness protocol will be part of this information. Did you know that brushing ones teeth or drinking cocktails with ice cubes can expose you to bacterial infections-or worse? Did you know that it is highly recommended that you do not eat peeled fruit while overseas? An immunization clinic will alert you to these and many other seemingly common sense things that can stave off major illness.

Jet lag, Motion Sickness & Blood Clots
The act of traveling itself may cause a host of medical issues that can lead to serious problems. Travel Clinics are aware of these issues and pride themselves on their ability to deal with any that may arise. One of the main issues that arise during overseas travel is jet lag. Unfortunately, there are many old wives tales about its causes and remedies. Knowing the truth can help you better plan your flight departures, thus affording you a much more comfortable adaptation period.

Prescriptions are available for motion sickness, as well as for more serious side effects of traveling, such as the risk of forming blood clots. For people with preexisting clotting or vein disorders, it is possible to develop deadly problems when seated for prolonged periods. Stick with a travel clinic to receive the best and timeliest information regarding this potential deadly problem.

Vaccines & Immunizations
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention break down travel vaccines into three categories: Routine, recommended and required. In other words, vaccines are an important part of traveling overseas. Travel Clinics will have the information necessary regarding what vaccines are routine, recommended or required depending on where in the world you are flying. Some countries demand a certificate that proves inoculation for yellow fever. This certificate can be obtained at a travel clinic.

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